Digital investment goes a long way

DMI grants and programs have helped hundreds of businesses adapt to compete in today’s digital market and we’re not stopping there. See our impact across the province for yourself and find out how local business owners have used their grants to transform their operations.

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Technology moves fast and every business, regardless of size or industry, needs to keep pace. This is an ongoing, ever-changing process as businesses encounter new challenges and technology continues to evolve. Upgrading technology often seems complex and overwhelming, adding to the difficulties many companies face. Despite this uncertainty, investing in technology is not optional — it’s the key to increased productivity, enhanced operational efficiencies, staff retention, and access to new markets.
In 2021, The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce launched DMI to make digital adaptation more accessible and help our province adapt to the increasingly digital world. This initiative is designed to address the digital needs of Manitoba businesses across industries. Since October 2021, the MCC has delivered the TechUP and PowerUP grant programs and the Digital Services Program.
TechUP & PowerUP

Investing in Technology Pays Dividends

Grants of almost $14 million were disbursed to over 1,300 Manitoba-based businesses that used funds to update and upgrade essential digital tools and processes in 2021 and 2022. Building on takeaways through discussions with business owners, there were some common threads that emerged. One key component was a fear of spending hard-earned revenues without confidence in where to invest in digital adaptations.


“We used the grant to move from an old phone system to a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) — an important step for us since most of our members call us directly instead of checking our website. It’s been a huge quality of life improvement for our staff and our members.”

Cathy — South Central Regional Library
Digital Service Program

Learning From the Experts

In October 2022, the MCC launched the Digital Service Program, pairing SMEs with third-party advisors. The limited services were specifically designed for companies who had already been growing their digital footprint and needed to make a step change. The services provided empowered business decisions around technology investments. 


“As a service provider providing the Business Technology Assessment for the Digital Manitoba Initiative, we are fortunate to work with highly engaged businesses who are grateful for the opportunity to access our digital advice and guidance. These are businesses who, through the exercise, see new opportunities for digital adoption that will support them in several ways including revenue growth and improved technology risk controls that will better protect their businesses. We see our work drive immediate investments and improvement in digital technology, better positioning small and midsize businesses to compete in a digital economy.”

Digital Services Provider — Digital Manitoba Initiative

Everybody Wins

Ultimately, as more businesses across different sectors increase their digital capacity, the effects can be seen across Manitoba’s entire economy in terms of increased output, more high-paying jobs, increased market competitiveness, and improved quality of life for Manitobans.

“The Dog’s Run Farm is an active, owner-operated business, and we are way too small to have a lawyer on contract. We were not aware of the need for a privacy policy nor terms of use for our website. We appreciate that this DMI program brought this issue to our attention and that they provided the experts to address it. The lawyers we were paired with were very hands on, informative, and great to work with.”

Katie McInnes — The Dog’s Run Farm 

“We were impressed with how comprehensive the Business Technology Audit was – the service provider went deeper than we expected. We also appreciated that they translated their findings and recommendations into verbiage we could readily understand so we could make informed decisions. We gained some very valuable clarity and direction. It was good to know we could take action on many of the findings by implementing some new policies and protocols, without much overhead.”

Kelsey Carriere — Operations Manager, Crossroads Insurance

“We thought Brandon Computers' cybersecurity audit was very, very thorough. When they presented their findings to our leadership team, it was a bit of a wakeup call, as they dug deep into security vulnerabilities such as old legacy systems running invisibly in the background. Because of this audit, we will be implementing training and initiatives to make our security systems even more rigorous.”

Brian Hatch — Business Coordinator, Redfern Farm Services Ltd.

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