The Digital Services Program

The Digital Services Program is closed to new applications until further notice. If you have an application in progress it is being reviewed in order of submission and you will receive notification from the DMI team about your application status. Thank you for your interest in the program and if you have any questions, contact

Service Streams

The Digital Services Program is comprised of three services streams to meet the foundational needs of Manitoba companies looking to enhance their digital infrastructure.

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The Digital Services Program is targeted to businesses which meet the following criteria. Review the program guide for more detailed information.

Who we are


Your business is owned and operated in the Province of Manitoba.


Your business is registered and in good standing with the Manitoba Companies Office and has been operating since March 1, 2019 or earlier.


You can demonstrate that your business has invested a minimum of $3,500 in building digital capacity since December 1, 2021.


You have a minimum of 5 full-time equivalent employees for the Business Technology Assessment or the Cybersecurity Audit OR a minimum of 2 full-time equivalent employees for Digital Legal Services.


The individual named in the application is authorised to enter into legal agreements on behalf of the company.

Which Digital Services Stream is right for you?

Best for

Businesses looking for independent analysis of their current technology state, those going through changes where IT evolution is critical, and those interested in planning for strategic investment in digital technology to get ahead.

Benefits & outcomes

This assessment uncovers areas for opportunities and improvement with existing technology as well as strategic thinking around future technological needs. The Digital Service Provider will compile findings and prepare a final report including actionable recommendations to move your business forward.

Program Participant requirements

Program Participants must assign an internal project lead and ensure that key internal stakeholders are available to meet occasionally with the Digital Service Provider. You must also share essential documentation such as relevant plans, contracts, and budgets (when necessary).


The four-to-five-week process begins with a discovery phase, including research into your company, interviews with stakeholders, reviewing documentation, then defining the project scope and goals. Once this is done, the Digital Service Provider will analyze your current IT environment and operations. Upon completion, the Digital Service Provider will prepare and deliver a findings and recommendations report. After three months there will be a check in to support implementation, and then again in six months.

Best for

Businesses that have intellectual property and collect valuable data and want to invest in protecting it, particularly where the company provides a mobile app, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, or an active website where users provide content.

Benefits & outcomes

Working with a Digital Legal Advisor can help your organization mitigate risk, comply with Canadian privacy laws, and clarifying ownership of content and IP.  

Program Participant requirements

Participants must assign an internal project lead and ensure that key stakeholders are available to meet occasionally with the Digital Service Provider. You must also share essential documentation and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Your users provide content through your website

  2. You provide a SaaS platform

  3. You acquire data or personal information from users

  4. You are providing a mobile app for download by users


Program Participants will be asked to complete the checklist provided by the Digital Service Provider and supply them with required information and documentation. The Digital Service Provider will then conduct an initial consultation to confirm which legal requirements and service area(s) you’re in need of. After analyzing their findings and confirming the required documentation, they will generate and deliver the legal documents as agreed upon.

Best for

Businesses who rely on digital infrastructure to generate and/or store data which must be protected.

Benefits & outcomes

Program Participants receive an actionable roadmap to protect your business, staff, vendors, and clients which aims to identify and remove common vulnerabilities which can be exploited by cybercriminals along with preventing theft of confidential and proprietary information.

Program Participant requirements

Program Participants must provide details of their IT environment, which may include confidential information. They must also have the ability to allow an onsite audit (one location) and provide the Digital Service Provider with access to networks.


The Digital Service Provider will conduct a preliminary discovery meeting followed by an onsite audit, interviews, and system scans. Once complete, they will prepare a report identifying threats and create a roadmap with clear, prioritized actions to present to the leadership team.